Our Members​​

" I remember when I first started I couldn’t even hold myself up on the bar for more than 5 seconds and now I can do 107 unbroken muscle ups!!! (not really but you get my drift!)
So thank you for providing me with the knowledge, skills and environment where I can continually improve, challenge and push myself."
Jemma Black​
"You both should be extremely proud of the environment you have created" 
James Flood
"You’re no ordinary gym. Your paying for the direct client-coach relationship and expertise that you won't get at many other gyms."

"You care about us as people not just as clients"
"What I really love is that each coach is not only passionate and knowledgeable about leading a healthier lifestyle, they also have a genuine interest in helping and caring for each and every member."
Anne-Marie Coote
"I am so glad that I am a part of the Hybrid Community"
Daniel Del Castillo​
"It's not just the sessions but the additional hints and tips from the coaches in and out of the sessions that are pure gold ." 

"An awesome personalised experience that has changed my health"
"It is the perfect combo for those who love to be motivated, are happy to gym by themselves but need some help here and there, from real coaches and still experience the group atmosphere; the challenge and encouragement that comes from that."
Jess Gerrie
"I absolutely love training at Hybrid. It has revolutionized my training" 
"There is a fantastic community spirit in the gym which only comes from respect and leadership. The trainers are clearly very knowledgeable and enjoy developing their clients, there's always something new and their motivational approach helped drive my further with my fitness achievements."
Hayden Lockie
"love their focus on stretching, functional mobility and attention to individual performance"
"I love the atmosphere at Hybrid Training and the encouragement/support you receive from the members and coaches. I have met lots of lovely people that make working out even more enjoyable. The workouts are great because they improve my strength, fitness and I never get bored. 
The coaches’ great, they are very knowledgeable, helpful and professional and make you feel very comfortable."  
Sarah Claaz
"I have become so much fitter and stronger than I ever thought was possible" 
Max Joy
"Incredibly thankful to have met the family at Hybrid Training. There are no words to describe how wonderful the coaches and other members are.
That Hybrid Training Legion...can't beat it."
"Here's is just how effctive you guys are - the highlight being losing 14% of my entire body weight"
" I love and appreciate the positive effects this kind of functional training has had on my body. The coaches are there to guide and support you and will alter the workouts to suit your body. I could not ask for a better place to train."
Gabrielle Lean 
"The Hybrid community has been so supportive. It ticks so many boxes for me.
Mind. Body. Soul"
Leon Akopian
"After a tough ​off -season at Hyrbid, with the help of the awesome coaches, at the beginning of the 2017 Rugby season I felt more confident and prepared for the season than I ever had before. It turned out to be the best year of footy I’ve ever had"
"I was actually at the top of the tackle and carry count for my team  - something I never would have been able to do without training at Hybrid."
"The type of training we are doing now is great and I couldn’t think of anything else to do that can satisfy my day.
I’m always looking forward to seeing everyone and doing what I love most, working out"
Nick Wendon
"I would recommend it to anyone"
"The coaches show a real interest in me, my flexibility, my well being and my happiness with the program.
The team is great, very supportive and watch us for technique and our safety"

Stephen Pratt 
" I always share a laugh with the team" 
Sarah Page 
"I have achieved more than I ever thought I could! 1 year ago I would have laughed if someone said I would get to a deadlift pb of 72kg.You can't put a price on that! "  
" They go above and beyond and show a general interest in your life, health and wellbeing." 
"Every session challenges me and I leave feeling fantastic about what I've just achieved. The people in the class encourage you and cheer you on.
My experience has already been amazing, I felt comfortable the second I signed up"  
Annaleise  Ryan
" You guys are the most welcoming non judgemental gym I've walked into. " 
"Hybrid Training provides a supportive environment with a focus on technique, mobility and progression that is tapered to individual needs. Not just another bootcamp with a trainer yelling at you and leaving you exhausted, but coaches who take interest in your personal progression.  

Steve Sampson 
" An absolute pleasure to train here." 
Andrew Thrum 
"I don’t feel embarrassed to modify anything."

After just 2 weeks away from us:

"I think this is the longest period I've been away from the gym in a few years and I'm actually desperate to get back!”
" It's Actually the first gym that I look forward to going to " 
"I don’t feel embarrassed to modify anything."

After just 2 weeks away from us:

"I think this is the longest period I've been away from the gym in a few years and I'm actually desperate to get back!”
Fred Tupaz 
" It's Actually the first gym that I look forward to going to " 
Gen Brand 
"I was a little nervous about beginning at Hybrid, but the coaches gave me the confidence I needed in our On Ramp sessions. I haven't looked back 
"Straight away, I felt at home "  
Andrew Tan 
"When I first joined I could only do 2 pull ups now I can do 12-15. I couldn’t even hold a handstand now I can do 6 hand stand push ups!"

Michelle Clinch 
"Hybrid has really improved my overall level of fitness and strength, as well as my mental resilience.  It means I can keep up much better with my kids, have more fun and energy for them 
"It was exactly the mental & physical challenge I had been looking for"  
Leah Hagley
"As a newbie it's often super intimidating coming to a new gym.. meeting new people and hoping that everyone is nice!
The encouraging words and warmth that everyone has extended has truly been amazing. It reflects the strength of the team mentality and support which is so essential to success....
"After one week I have never felt more welcome in a gym"