5 Keys to becoming 

Get your metabolism up to the job for the 7 months that lie ahead by adding in some high-intensity sprints to your training. As an entrepreneur, your body will thank you for it in more ways than one! With your eyes going square from looking at screens all day you will LOVE how refreshing it is to get outside! Adding sprints to your regime will help boost your production of the good stuff like growth hormone + testosterone. This will help you begin to burn that stubborn fat that's started to accumulate around the midline.
Keep it simple but alter what you do regularly. This will keep the body guessing and keep the results flowing.
Try this out next time you just really need that well-deserved break from the office:

  • 1 x 400m sprint
  • (2 min rest) 
  • 2 x 200m sprint
  • (walking back to start line slowly for recovery)
  • 4 x 100m sprint
  • (walking back to start line slowly for recovery)

* For best results each sprint must be completed with 100% intensity whatever that looks like for you.
**As this is so intense make sure you complete a thorough warm up prior

Hold up, don't switch off. As a successful business owner, I'm sure you are aware that ALL the big players practice meditation in one form or another. Now, what's this got to do with getting "Summer Ready?" You have probably never even given any thought to how much of an impact stress is playing on your body, holding you back from achieving that summer rig! Now I don't care how you do it (sitting still with your eyes closed, slow focused breathing, go for a walk, scan your body from head to toe, stretching)  whatever suits you and your lifestyle! But the important thing is to do something to manage your stress levels, research shows that as little as 3 minutes/day can have massive positive impacts - like reducing inflammation, increasing immunity, reduce muscle tension, improved sleep quality   

Testosterone is one of the primary predictors of muscle growth and development i.e. having higher levels present in the body will help induce greater muscle gains. Whilst it is unclear if having sex actually increases testosterone levels what is known is that when testosterone levels are higher it has a positive impact on libido levels. When our libido is higher, having sex more frequently it serves to further maintain this cycle. Don't get me wrong you still have to train hard to stimulate muscle growth but doing anything and everything to boost testosterone will work in your favour. 

I told you these wouldn't be your everyday tips! Now here is the thing, I know what it's like to wake up so early that you just don't have the time to cook breakfast. I also know that once at work it's all too easy to get tied up in running the joint. 2 o'clock rolls around and you only then realise that all you've 'eaten' all day is a couple of coffees! Now I believe intermittent fasting can have its benefits but I also strongly believe that calorie restriction will make you fall flat on your face in the long run. Additionally longer fasts like this increase the likely hood of poorer food choices later on in the day with the "I haven't eaten anything all day I can afford a few extra calories" mentality. Don't fall into this trap the key to sustainable fat loss is finding a sustainable nutrition plan or habit. When you can make healthy food choices a habit you can easily maintain a 'summer ready' body all year round with very little effort. 

Stretch? This is the one thing all our coaches who after years of training wished they had spent more time on earlier. Why? Because we can all now see the massive benefits! "How the heck does this relate to my summer body?" I can hear you asking. Think about it this way, what does stretching improve?
Let's start with the most obvious

  • 1. The more you stretch the looser your muscles will be. Tight muscles can pull on so hard on your joints that over time can cause chronic inflammation! Now is chronic inflammation going to affect your training? You bet!
  • 2. Improve mechanical efficiency, as you become more flexible you will be able to get your body in safer more efficient positions. E.g. Get deeper and more upright in your squats. Doing so will activate more musculature thus increasing the intensity of your sessions, higher intensity sessions = more fat burnt!
  • 3. Increased Strength - As these positions are more efficient it allows you to move larger loads with increased confidence. In simple terms, you become stronger, not because your muscles are any bigger but simply because of these improved positions. 
  • 4. Increased Strength Again - When you are moving in the most efficient way you recruit a larger amount of existing muscle mass, the more muscle mass you can recruit the more calories you burn, the more weight you can move and again the more fat you can burn. 
  • 5. Improved Recovery - now a lot of people believe that stretching reduces muscle soreness after a session. If you are one of those people then great - keep stretching! However, I believe that the main benefit of stretching long term is the ability to recover faster. When you are able to train in ideal positions those constant compensatory muscle aches no longer occur. When are not aching in all those not so fun places it makes getting back to training so much easier, the more you train the more fat you burn!