Increase Strength Fast! 

What everybody ought to know

Congrats for actually taking action, and wanting to learn more!

We understand your frustrations;  

You've been struggling to increase your numbers in the gym
Training hard, eating well, rarely miss gym sessions but yet your lifts are STILL not improving!
How f*%$ing frustrating!

It bloody hurts when you are pouring so much of your time and energy into training and seem to get nothing back in return
It becomes harder and harder to motivate yourself to get to the gym after long days on the tools or behind a desk

It’s no longer fun at the gym, I mean you still get to chat with your mates in between sets but now it’s more of a chore

Shit, with the lack of enthusiasm you’re putting into your sessions you’d probably be better off not going at all!

But what if, instead we could give you the simple, idiot proof way to increasing your strength in a big way?

Actually, see your lifts start to improve?

No, this isn’t some ripoff plug to try get you to sign up to some new supplement going around
Just a simple trick (that you probably already know) but are STILL not using


Because it’s hard.

Yes. Funny that. When strength training we should be looking to make exercises harder NOT easier

I’ve seen this simple tip smash literally hundreds of client’s plateaus time and time again

Everybody ought to know it because it really is the easiest way to increase your strength in a dramatic way

So let's get stuck in and look at how we can restore a little enjoyment back into your sessions
Finally, smash through your training slump.

If the strongest man in the WORLD is using it...

Why arn't you? 
As I said before you should be looking for ways to make your exercises harder NOT easier

Take the Bench for example, what do we see over and over?
Trying to reduce the distance the bar can move by using a grip so wide you almost crush your fingers when you rack it!

Or the Back Squat?

The bar so far down the back it’s almost slipping off, and then there is the curtsey yeah the squat curtsey – Un-rack the weights and squat down only a few inches because any deeper than that the legs might actually have to do some work!
You get the picture

But as an action taker, I’m sure you are not one of those or at least not to that degree but still, I bet you’re not doing this:

Deadlifting with an overhand grip!?

Sure, you warm up with it but when it starts to get heavy – back you go to the mixed grip without even blinking
We challenge you to start deadlifting (yes on your working sets) with a double overhand grip
“But I won’t be able to lift as much” I can hear you thinking
This is true. Initially.
Only because you’ve been avoiding it and your grip strength sucks
Here are a couple of reasons why you NEED to start embracing this grip:

Symmetry – no one mixes up their mixed grip (one day right hand on top the other the left) so this in itself will bring about muscular imbalances over time

Avoid Injury – The shoulder blade on the underhand will be forced to protract (pulled forward) this then places huge stress on the biceps tendon. This is especially troublesome if you have developed the bad habit of lifting with a slightly flexed arm or fail to properly connect yourself to the bar

Improved Wrist Stability – More common in females but developing the forearm flexor strength can help reduce excessive wrist extension on many

Improved Grip Strength – You wouldn’t go do a lat put down with a mixed grip just because you can lift more that way would you? It’d just feel weird right? Developing your grip strength will help you lift larger numbers across the board, lat pull down, rows, pull ups, shoulder press etc..

ALL from just one simple change – again why aren’t you using it?

Avoid Injury, Again- As your grip strength will be your limiting factor failing to lift a weight will due to this and not mechanical breakdown

Help You Adapt to The Hook Grip – If you throw in some Olympic lifting into your training here and there at first the hook grip SUCKS. But if instead, every time you pick up the bar for deadlifts you use it, eventually, you won’t even notice anymore! This will allow you to lift oly lift without fussing over your grip 

Functionality - God forbid if in day to day life you actually need to use some of your strength! How often will the opportunity present itself that you actually get to use a mixed grip outside of the gym? More often than not it will be an awkward lift placing your body in strange positions - you need to be prepared for this - you don't want to look like a punce 

"The stronger your grip, the more resilient your entire body is going to be"
-Dr. John Rusin​
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying NEVER use a mixed grip (it definitely has its place) but rather use the double overhand grip A LOT more!

(actually using it, not just in your warm up).

Changes will be slow going but I promise you, they will be worth it!

Congratulations again for stepping up, taking the time to seeking advice about improving your strength rather than just complaining about it to everyone else during their session. 

We love working with people like you.  If you think this advice was useful this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we offer our members on a daily basis. If you are interested in achieving some real results please reach out to find out how we can help you  ​

Good luck, and remember:

“Nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy”
- Nicholas Sparks