South Coast Rebirth
Retreat - ​2018
"I recommend this to everyone! I can’t imagine anyone
who wouldn’t benefit from this program"
- Catherine McMahon
What if you could find a way to build unstoppable momentum that could change your life forever?! 

Imagine discovering and understanding yourself on a level that few ever get to reach. Finding the tools and power within yourself needed to stand strong in life. 

Our mission is to help build your momentum over 2018. ​Our March Retreat is set at a time when the excitement and drive of the new year is often forgotten. Don't let what you actually want for yourself and your life to gradually get suffocated under the heaviness of day to day stressors. Give your inner voice the chance to be free and light.

Creating a momentous shift in your life doesn't require a momentous effort, rather it is discovered in the quiet peaceful moments that are only found when you give yourself the time.  

As you will find, allowing yourself the time, giving yourself the permission is actually the hardest step. 

How can we afford to be so "self-indulgent"? 

The real question is how can you afford not to be? 

"Rest and self -care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow, you cannot serve from an empty vessel"
- Eleanor Brownn
You see, the common trap is thinking we are serving others best by working harder, doing more for others, sacrificing more.

You are an amazing person for having this selfless intent and you should be proud of who you are.

Yet you must also recognise that ultimately this dedicated and relentless service leaves us feeling anxious and heavy like something is missing. 

What if the only thing missing is simply the time and space you need to recharge?

A weekend away to relax, have fun and at the same time create momentum around the positive changes you know you deserve?

These retreats are only run a couple of times each year. It’s an invaluable part of the journey in the search to become a stronger version of you.
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I want to share some feedback for you from our most recent retreat at the beautiful Whitevale Estate -  Lovedale November 2017:

  • "Thanks to Hybrid this year, I've never felt better physically as well as more mentally agile. Last night I had my work Christmas party where I ended up winning employee of the year. I don't think I would have achieved this without the lifestyle change has been Hybrid Training"

  • "I could not ask for a better environment at that time in my life, it had such a positive impact that I could not have asked for a better place to have been."

  • "It was such an amazing time. Best getaway I've had in a long time!"

  • "I am grateful for everything you both do not just for me but for all the members and this retreat was a perfect example"​​​​
If you are ready to make a massive shift in your life,

Brave enough to give yourself permission to reconnect and recharge

Prepared to invest in discovering a stronger you

Then be bold and take the hardest step, right now, throw away the excuses why you can't do something and discover what's on the other side 

Email: [email protected]

We will schedule a time to talk about your goals, breakthroughs and taking your training and life to the next level! 
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​"It was an unforgettable experience"