Nutritional Starting Point General Checklist

✓ Record what you eat on "my fitness pal" for an entire week
(This exercise alone often helps increase awareness around food consumption)

✓ Look at your daily and average macronutrient intake (% from Protein Fat and Carbs)

✓ Ensure you are consuming at LEAST 2.2g/Protein/kg lean muscle mass (we recommend performing a DEXA scan for accurate measurements)

E.g 80kg at 15% body fat = 68 X 2.2 = 150g/protein day

✓ Spread the consumption of these 150g out over the day and always pair it with fibrous carbs (vegetables)

✓ Start the day with a protein and fat based meal

✓ Don't consume too many calories or too little, this is individual, again refer to your DEXA scans for a guide

✓ Avoid Sugar, Alcohol, Processed "food", vegetable oil

✓ Minimise dairy depending on your tolerance levels and opt for full fat options

✓ Don't avoid healthy fats

✓ Drink enough water (body weight X 0.033) 
80kg X 0.033 = 2.64L/day

✓ Sleep 8 hours/night and manage stress levels daily

✓ Supplement with a high-quality fish oil/krill oil, multivitamin and consider
vitamin D supplement if sun exposure is low (the majority of us)

✓ Get your blood work checked regularly

✓ See the Dentist regularly

✓ Treat yourself 1x MEAL per week (not an entire day) and preferably on a training day or after activity

✓ I recommend cycling carbs and you will have to experiment with what works best for you here are some strategies

      * Very low carb from when you wake up until dinner and adding A serving of what I call heavier carbs (rice, potato, quinoa, couscous etc) at dinner time. This works well if you are training at night, be sure it is only a serving, not the whole plate though!

     * Very low carb for 3 days (half your protein requirement or less per day), using the above example it would be 75g or less, then on the fourth day eat a 1:1 ratio of carbs and protein. Make sure this refuel day occurs on a training day

    * Eat moderate carbs about 25% every day and occasionally fast 1-2x week

    * Fast daily i.e eat dinner at 6 pm then don't eat your next meal until say 10/11am

If you implement these tips you should notice a great improvement

Please do this recording exercise and share your findings with us!  👍
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