We Will Go Forward...
We Will Never Go Back.




Now What?

You've started to get a handle on the tools and techniques used to get the results you desire and deserve 
We have tried to encourage long term thinking over the entirety of this challenge yet you still know this is just 30 days, how can you keep going forward without sacrificing EVERYTHING you enjoy?

There will be parties, birthdays, Christmas, drinks with mates, your favourite not so healthy foods... 

How do we handle all this and not throw everything away?

To Maintain We Must Maintain

It sounds obvious doesn't it?

If you want to maintain the results you have acehived then you must also maintain the use of the tools that got you there:

- Nutritional Awareness
- Power of vulnerability (talk to people if you are stuggling!) 
- Balance of your choices (they occur multiple times per day!) 
- Goal Setting (reveiw them regularly)
- Habit change (you could set yourslef a goal to change 1 habit/quarter) 
- Planning 
- Supportive environment (you are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, what type of people do you want to be around? Hybrid Training is a great place to start!) 
- Rewards (don't get tied up on the big goal, learn to celebrate the small steps you've acheived along the way - look at how far you have come in just the last few weeks!) 
"To Maintain we Must Maintain" may be obvious but it definately is not ​​​easy

"Nothing That's Worthwhile Is Every Easy" - Nicholas Sparks

It Does Get Easier! 

- the longer you avoid processed foods the less you crave them
- the longer you avoid sugar kicks the less you need them
- the longer you avoid alcohol the less you turn to it
- the longer you avoid immflamation the better you feel 
- the longer you eat unprocessed foods the better your body funtions (hormones, appetite, brain, sleep etc)
- the longer exerise is a part of your routine the easier it is to maintain 

I know you were looking for a magical answer of how to get results without the work or sacrifice but unfortunately that is just not how the world works

There is no solution other than to balance the scales in favour of your goals every minute of the day through your choices
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