Let's take a look at your 
The Real WHY, Stressors, Creating Habits

This journey is about you and your goals... 

You are probably thinking.. "I thought this was just about nutrition and exercise"

Your journey is so much more than these basics, we are here to help you delve into both the physical AND Mental side of health and fitness. 

What we have discovered after talking to hundreds of people about changing their health and fitness is that they tend to get little lost trying to figure out their goals. Finding out what is really important to them and WHY they want to achieve it. 

So we are going to run you through some exercises that we have used on many of our members and ourselves to be able to change our mindset on the right path. ​​


What is it we want and why do we want it?

There can be so many factors as to the life you think you perceive. Social media is at an all-time high, we are constantly shown other people’s highlight reels and get lost in the
endless changing lifestyle trends. The list goes on and there is no one size fits all.

Don’t feel like you need to fall into ONE category or follow someone else’s highlight reel, STOP being influenced and start thinking for yourself.

We’ve noticed our clients who have consistent success, know the importance of consistent effort and clarity on their why. 

✓ Don’t be fooled by others highlight reels – stop following people that make you feel like you are not enough, or trying to keep up. Invest that time into yourself will be the most valuable action you can take.

✓ Live the fundamentals – we all know the basics, drink water, sleep well, move your body and eat well. If we start doing these things consistently the ripple effect is huge.

✓ Be flexible – It’s real life, sometimes we get thrown a curveball and you’ve just got to go with it. Embrace the moment, then let it go and pick up where you left off the next day. A curveball doesn’t have to be a major disaster, it can be as simple as things not going how you planned, still let it go and get back on track the next day.


This modern world has got us constantly switched on, always contactable and connected. This constant state of being connected has its downside of forever feeling you are running behind, which can leave you in a constant state of stress. 

If your body is in a constant state of stress, feeling worried or anxious about your never ending to-do list, the multiple places you need to be at once, or for other peoples wants and needs this leaves our body no choice but to run in “fight or flight mode”.

Tired, lethargic and sometimes moody are emotions you may not even recognize you are having as they just become the norm. Not to mention to state your body’s adrenals or cortisol levels, which pushed too far can really set you back on achieving your goals whatever they may be.

✓ Returning to the present moment can eliminate almost all of these factors. Finding forms of meditation that force you to stop. For some it is still meditation, guided or silent, for others its active in the form of intense aerobic exercise, swimming, or being grounded to the earth. Whatever your form is – find it and allow yourself this act of self love.

✓ A technique that we have found works wonders no matter what the situation - When you feel stressed take 5 deep breaths, 5 second count in, 5 second count out. Then re-evaluation your situation. We are very privileged in this life and not everything is as urgent as it first seems.

Ever heard the saying

“Small hinges move large doors” ?

It’s true!

Don’t underestimate the small stepping stones towards your goals that you make each and every day. 

Find your internal motivators

 “A question asked in the right way often points to its own answers”

If you ask yourself the same question 5 times, you come to your real WHY.

When you have found the true drive to your WHY, you are on your way to long term success.

For example, when you choose to eat a nourishing meal instead of take out, not only are choosing the choice aligned with your long term goal, you empower yourself with the inner feeling of accomplishment.

That small, but significant win!

The way you choose to look at decisions relates directly to the outcomes.
Using the above as an example, choosing a nourishing option aligned with your goals vs telling yourself  "I'm not allowed xyz because I'm 'on a diet' " .

Every time you choose a positive step towards 
goal is another step forward.

There is no better way to empower yourself than to surround yourself with like-minded people.

We are all on our own journey’s to the best version of ourselves possible and want nothing more than to stand with you on yours. 
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