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Support, Accountability, Fun

Ever thought about why sport was so fun in school and then for some reason we stop participating after school...?

Or how you will show up to an event or activity, even when you aren't that keen but you promised your friend you would be there?

It's amazing what being apart of a great community can do!

"The truth is, we aren’t wired to be our best on our own 
We crave community – it’s in our DNA"

We strongly stand by the benefits of training in a community style gym - we see the first hand benefits day-in-day out.
It doesn't have to be a gym or fitness facility, but finding a community or a place where you feel connected to like-minded people is a deep human need.

Finding a group of people with shared interest, free of judgement, a place to express yourself, grow, develop, test boundaries, fall and achieve is fundamental to self care.

Here are some reasons we believe being apart of a community is fundamental to your health:

✓ Share a purpose

Goals are better shared. When you share a goal out loud you may be surprised 
with the undenying support you can get from your community. Someone else may have the same goal, or others want to be a part of your journey and success. We are always better together, to draw on each other's strengths, weaknesses and journeys. 

Train with like minded people
A work-out is always better 
in team
, when everyone is sweating together, you know you are not alone and can find that last bit of push to get the most out of your training session. When your mid-work out and wanting to stop, but the person next to you is still going you find that inner drive to keep going vs. what you may have achieved on your own.

✓ Strengthen your connections

This modern day life we are constantly on the go and always connected yet we have lost that real sense of community connection that you get from real face-to-face interactions. Taking that hour in the day to stop from the whirlwind of everyday life to be humbled by a shared experience, really chat to the person next to you gives you so much back to yourself and your own mindset.

✓ Accountability
There will be less missed sessions and increased long-term success rates when you've got a great bunch of people keen to see you succeed. Nothing beats the accountability of a coach and peers to your long-term fitness journey.

Builds self love, purpose and pride
A place that prides itself on creating this supporting culture, full of staff and members who are there to not only be involved in your hour of exercises but truly invest in your journey. When you achieve your first class, your commitment to consistent training, or achieving something you never knew your body could do, the feeling of self-empowerment and internal strength is the best gift you could give yourself.

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