Now that you have Belief  in what you are doing, it's time to set some Goals

Don't roll your eyes, there is serious power in goal setting
Set them and you will see...

Taking the time to set your goals will help you discover what is actually required for you to acheive them 
Your vision will provide you with focus, allow you stay true to yourself and most importantly stay true to your values

Your goals should inspire you, excite you, stretch you  and even scare the shit out of you! 

Give yourself permission to Dream again...

What do you want you life to look like in a year from today? Five years? Where will you be, what will  you be doing? Who have you become? 

Don't freak out goals are never locked in concrete, creating vision and setting goals is a continuous process. Your goals will (and should) evolve all the time but NEVER give up on them.
Giving up on your goals because you had a failure is like slashing the other three tires on your car just because one was flat 

“The best thing about the future is that it has not happened yet...”

Goal setting is a powerful yet  dangerous beast if done wrong


Often when setting goals we fail to consider all aspects of our lives, we work out butt off to get to 'the goal' and realise when we get there that we are discontent and unhappy

Imagine becoming so focused on your weight loss journey that you fail to spend quality time with your friends and family, your career takes a dive, your relationship becomes strained all because you were so focused on just one aspect of your life. 

Your focus over the next 3O day challenge should NOT be the results you acheive but rather the PROCESS.

We know that if you implement the strategies we teach the results will come and  we need you need to trust the process

We have focused this goal setting worksheet on a much larger 1 year time frame  


Because we are interested in creating REAL CHANGE

We do not want this month to be a 'quick fix' but rather the catilyst for a  lifestyle alternation you can continue for many happy years to come

Take this worksheet seriously, set aside some YOU time, be alone be quite and start building the future your desire
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