You are reading this because life is a bit hectic at the moment. Work is busy and so is parenting. Your kids are running circles around you and you can't keep up. You have let your nutrition slide, junk food, take away, fast food, are now a daily thing. You are too tired to play with your kids, take them to the park or even walk the dog. 

You are reading this because now you have realised your kids are starting to copy you. 
They scream for Mc Donalds. They would rather stay at home playing computer games or watch moves rather than going outside.... Sports? Something they use to enjoy, but they don't like that anymore...

Kids copy what we do as adults and develop habits at a young. 
You are their role model and need to lead by example. Be an awesome parent and lead kids to a lifetime of being fit and healthy.

You are ready for a change! 

It can be challenging when it comes to your own health and fitness, but with a few simple lifestyle changes, you can improve your overall health and fitness. Teach and show your kids how to live a healthy lifestyle. Lead by example.  

Here are some tips to get you started as a busy parent on the go:

Daily Checklist: Checklist are great is you have a busy schedule. Keep it simple with task like grocery shopping, meal prepping, family time, walking the dog etc. Crossing them off your list gives you a great feeling of accomplishment. You will be able to keep track of your day and increase your productivity!

Prepare Your Food:  Being prepared is important and your home is where healthy eating starts. Spending a couple hours of the week to do your grocery shopping, will not only save time but also money in the long run. Choose one day of the week and plan to do all grocery shopping and food prep in one go! Prep your meals and you will thank yourself throughout the week. 

Eat regularly:  Don't skip meals! Ever seen that snickers AD - "you're not yourself when you're hungry" 
There is nothing good about starving yourself. Prepare your snacks and get rid of junk food. People tend to let their guard down when they are hungry.

Water:   A high percentage of our population suffers from dehydration. It's simple... drink more water throughout the day.
Staying hydrated helps keep the body functioning properly, increase energy levels and help your digestive system.
Children start developing habits at a young age and they are always watching you. You are always setting an example for your kids.

Get a trainer:  If you find it hard staying committed to your fitness, a trainer/coach will definitley help. Scheduling your workouts with them will keep you accountable and help you stay on track. Its a lot easier skipping the gym when you don't have an appointment.
You can also join a fitness group. Surrounding yourself with motivated, enthusiastic and supportive people can do wonders! 
A good trainer/coach will teach you so much about exercise and nutrition, you will walk away with a degree on health and fitness :)  They will help you set achievable goals and keep track of your progress. A great way to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Fitness:  Working out with your kids can be fun for both you and your kids. Take them to a park and kick the ball around. Take them on a bike ride around the block. There are games you can play with them and they wouldn't even realise they are working out. Check out this link for some fun games you can do with your kids. 

Rewards:  Reward yourself with some 'me time'. Its not easy keeping the family fit and healthy. Sometimes you need a break from the world. Go shopping, get a coffee with a friend, get a massage. Don't forget to make some time for yourself. 

Not sure where to start?

let us start by giving you a reward. You have come this far and shown commitment to getting started and we want you to get a head start.  Contact us today and enter our PROMO CODE: KIDS to book in your FREE consultation . Goal setting, planning and taking action is the key to success. 

We want to get you there

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