Know that you have complete control over what you put in your mouth.

No one ever ate anything by accident.


I Ate What ?!

Food Log

Yes - Here we are again

Why, every time you turn to someone for help do they ALWAYS ask for a bloody food diary?! 

Maybe because there is more to it than meets the eye - literally...

There are several reasons that a food diary is an invaluable part of what will be the next 30 Transformational days

Please recored EVERYTHING you consume. There is little use recording the things you think may impress us or simply writing down what you feel is healthy. Do not embarred or afraid that you might be judged, please trust us, this is YOUR challenge let's all play at 100%

1.  You get to SEE what you Eating...

It sounds obvious doesn't it, but there is a HUGE difference from "knowing" what you eat and actually seeing what you consume when everything is written down on a peice of paper in front of you. 

2. Recording Your Food Can help You Lose Weight 

In 2009 a group of researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health published a study of a different approach to weight loss. Six months into the study, people who kept daily food records had lost twice as much weight as everyone else! 

3. Pattern Recognition

Do you always seem to snack at around 10am, do you always seem to reach for the grog on Friday evenings? Do you Eat more after a hard gym session?

4. Help with Meal Preparation

If you wish you can continue to use a food log to help you plan out your basic meals and snacks, Always snacking on something you know you shouldn't around 10am? Now you know, plan ahead be prepared, armed ready to go with a snack you know will help you reach you goals

5. It Allows Others To Help

Would you expect your mechanic to fix you car without looking under the hood? We can only help you when you are honest, specific (chiken breast Vs Deep Fried Chicken breast or prawns VS Prawns with thousand Island dressing) and always be open with us

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