10 Crucial Pre Workout Exercises

The Everyday No Brainer:

Regardless of what we have programmed for you in our class's these 2 exercises are a MUST after a hard day at work. Un-glue your hips and rounded back. These two exercises will help improve your posture, core strength, glute activation whilst, overhead strength and stability, reduce back pain ...why are you still reading? Get to it 😉 

Overhead Pressing:

The further away a weight is from the body the heavier it becomes & higher chance of injury. Get some blood flowing to the shoulders and ensure they have the required mobility. Doing so will help reduce the pressure placed on your wrists, elbow, shoulders, neck and lower back. Move well & stay safe!    

Pull Ups:

"It's not what you do it's how you do it".

The pull up is a fantastic upper body exercise however performing it incorrectly can leave you with back, neck and shoulder pain and even surgery! The most common error is a lack of scapular control - i.e. using the LATS! Help wake them up using these simple exercises 


Sitting & shoes are your enemies! 

The hips need to be able to extend, abduct, rotate whilst the ankle needs to move freely.

Don't worry we have  the cure - get to work with this quick flow 

The Hip Hinge:

i.e. Deadlifts, Snatch, KB's, Cleans, Jumping, Lunging -  The Hinge is one of the most important movements to master.

Learn to prepare, organise and coordinate the body with these exercises ➡️

Further Resources:

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