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5 Fat Loss Training Tips!

   1. Use Free Weight Exercises Over Machines

We spend most of our day sitting down, for breakfast, driving, on the train to work and then at work all day. Exhausted from the day, you crash onto the couch until it's time to move to the dinner table and the cycle starts again…

Now I know you are reading this as the top performers who value their health but does it make sense to you to then go into a gym, only to sit down some more!? Didn’t think so. Get up, strengthen your body and let the muscles do what they were designed to do – move!
4. Use Big Multi-Joint Exercises

Like stated earlier, it makes no sense to come into the gym only to sit down some more! What’s worse is that the machines you use often are just isolating ONE muscle group at a time! Now I don’t know about you, but I value my time! The more muscle groups we can activate at once the more metabolic (calorie burning) that exercise becomes!

5. Train harder and For Shorter Periods of Time!

Yes, that’s right – train LESS!
Your time is precious! You don’t want to be wasting endless hours in the gym after a hard day’s work! There is a couple of LAWS you should be aware of: The law of diminishing returns and the 80/20 rule.
The law of diminishing returns refers to a point at which the benefits that are gained is less than the amount of energy being invested – this generally happens around the 45 min mark in training. The 80/20 rule states that 20% of what you do, accounts for a massive 80% of the results! However, you need to be willing to work HARD! There is no easy way to achieving anything that is worthwhile. This may be hard to handle in an ‘instant ‘give me now’ world, but some things, unfortunately still require you to dig in and get down and dirty!
2. Use Short Rest Periods In - Between Your Sets

Reduce your rest periods between your sets to shock the system, vary the bodies training stimuli’s by simply shortening your rest periods, try short sharp rest periods of 30s to 1 min to stimulate and increase your growth hormone response

3. Cycle Between Higher Repetitions with Short Rest Periods and Lower Repletion’s with Higher Rest Periods

Even if your goal is fat loss you cannot negate heavy lifting. The stronger you get the heavier you can lift and the more intensity you can bring into your training sessions. If fat loss is the goal use a cycle of higher repetitions from 8-15reps with rest periods of between 10s -1min for the majority of your training say 6 weeks then cycle into a strength program of 1-6 reps with 2-5 minutes rest for 2 weeks (YES -  1-6 reps only! & YES 2-5 min rest)  * if you feel like you don’t need the rest you probably are not lifting heavy enough!
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