3 Easy Steps to a Happier Back

Let's get started

Here we will demonstrate 3 effective exercises to get you on your way to a much Happier Back.  These 3 exercises help develop your mobility and improve that tightness thats causes your back pain. Follow these 3 simple steps and work towards a pain free back!

Step 1

Step 1 - Some jobs and activities require us to sit down for long periods. This causes a lot of tightness around the front region of the hips. By following this simple step this will stretch out the hips and help relieve back pain. 

Step 2

Here we look at our posterior chain (muscles on the back side). This one 
exercise will target all those muscles and is one of the most effective stretches to target that area. It will also help create mobility through your spine and release stiffness.

This is called a 'Jeffersons curl' 
Step 3
We have left the 'hardest' one to last!
Here we use a couple tools to further help us release any tight areas. It does apply a bit more pressure than our other exercises, so if you are not ready for this or feel really uncomfortable, skip this step until you are ready. 
Get moving!
There is no better time to start than now. 
These are our 3 best-recommended exercises to help you towards a pain-free back. 

Another great tip is to start moving. Get mobile, get fit and healthy.